Jean Mitchell Consulting provides training, consulting and professional development for people in business, helping them increase productivity, create a motivated team environment and ultimately grow their businesses.

We believe that providing an excellent customer experience is critical to success. Our consulting and training begins from the perspective of providing the best possible customer experience.

As consultants, we specialize in:

  • soft skills (customer service, sales and leadership),
  • communication (in person, on the telephone and in writing)
  • training support (train-the-trainer, curriculum development and strategic plans for integration of soft skills and technical skill training)
  • organizational development (coaching workshops, strategic planning for business/organizational development

We work with organizations to create workshops that are adult-learner focused, engaging participants to apply the expertise they already have and participate in learning activities to help them gain new skills. Our goal is to help participants develop skills they can take back to the workplace and use immediately.

We work with organizations to develop excellent coaching programs. The value of a workshop comes in how what is learned is applied, and coaches working with staff are critical to ensure new ideas are carried forward.

We work with managers and senior leaders to develop integrated approaches to customer experience from front line staff to those behind the scenes, from the call centre to the leadership team.

We work with organizations preparing for new directions, whether that means developing a strategic plan, planning the customer service response to a new product launch, or hiring new staff.

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